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Default MUDS Specs.....

Here ya go Pheasant. Let me just say that I got original specs from Swamprb and then adapted from there. Here are the specs I went with. They are a combo of the ones Brian gave me and the ones I used.

Drum Height:26.5", Drum Diameter:14.5".

Intakes: 3 intakes at 11/16ths size. They are drilled 2.5" from the bottom. Grate is 2.5" from top. There is 5" of clearance from the grate to inside top of Weber lid.

Basket: I used a 24"L X 12"W sheet of expando from Lowe's. Rolled lengthwise held together with 4 bolts. Coal support is actually the bottom portion of a Mini Heineken keg with a whole bunch of holes drilled in it. That's all I could find and I did not feel like welding anything. My idea for the coal basket was to have something like a charcoal chimmney so that it would burn more like a candle using the Minion. I wanted more surface area from top to bottom. The basket is ~7" in diameter and the diameter of the drum is 14.5. My thinking was I could bank things around the edge of the grate and not have them directly over the basket. Works great. Held 250-300 (only had spikes when removing lid, otherwise was more like 250 rock solid)like a champ and went a little over 5 hours or so on a 2/3rds full basket of lump and briq's with about 4-5 lit coals.
Here's a few pics of the drum and basket.

Blitz pan that I put in at the bottom. It does not block the intakes.

Inside. You can see three metal screws down at the bottom. Those are the intake locations.

Will be mounting a perm therm later and maybe putting a second set of grate bolts about 1.5" further down for more grate to lid clearance.

Big and Little

Hope it helps. Any ?'s, just ask.

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