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Originally Posted by Trout_man22 View Post
Let me understand this, do you foil? if you do at what temp. What temp are you cooking at?

The brisket will start to break down around 160 to 165 but not become tender until the 185-195 mark, from my experience it has nothing to do with the feed. I cook grass feed, wal-mart and no-name brand along with $12 lb brisket (I still want my brother in law to ex-plane that one) and some are shoe leather some are not.

Have you ever let it go to 190-195 or is it you cannot or is it a time issue
Trout_man - I have yet to foil a brisket. I cook 10 lb (no fat cap) briskets at 225 F and cook times have ranged from 10-14 hours. I see a distinct stall (2-3 hours) and even some temperature drop in the 145 range then when it starts moving again it becomes probe tender at 160-165. When it's done it is juicy and very flavorful but not as tender as other brisket I've had.
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