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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Originally Posted by CharlieHarper View Post
I found the Brinkmann Smoke N Pit Smoke King Deluxe at the BBQ Grill Store ( for $549 and the Bandera at The Grill Outlet ( for $349. There's a few other mail order places that carry them; they'll show up with a Google search.
Please excuse if this seems like a dumb question but I understand Char-Broil bought out New Braunfels a few years ago. Do they still make the Bandera or is the one listed on the Grill Outlet site an older genuine New Braunfels model? On the Char-Broil site they do not have any New Braunfels models listed. Just curious, how does the Bandera compare with the Brinkmann Smoke King?

I just came from the Academy in Plano and they have an Old Country Vertical Smoker that caught my eye but did not have a price tag on it and they were way too busy and I was in too much of a hurry to try to get an associate to find out for me. I may have to go back when they are not so busy.

I registered on this site because I am in the market for a smoker and will probably end up with an WSM but I am intrigued by the Bandera.


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