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Default Old School Bacon Cheeseburger

Mrs. Q and the little Qs wanted burgers for dinner, we're in the middle of a burger throwdown....well there you go.

I made up a bacon weave and cooked it to crispy in the oven. I cut the bacon mat into sizeable squares for the burgers.

I course ground some cubed beef and cranked out some hand made patties. Here's two on the Smokey Joe.

The final product - bottom to top it goes bun, lettuce, Burns BBQ Sauce, Patty 1, Cheddar Cheese, Bun, Mustard Relish, Bacon Mat, Burger 2, Fresh Tomato, White Onion, Bun (should have made a diagram....). Please use this photo

Sides include a pickle spear and some Zapps Potato Chips. Beer of Choice - Shiner 101, Czech Style Pilsner, Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas, USA.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the throwdown.
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