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Originally Posted by monty3777 View Post
This is one issue that I feel strongly about so I'll comment. I think judges must do their absolute best to not "guess" why something is presented the way it is. I know that someone somewhere decided that a slice of brisket must be the width of a pencil - and that's what I'll give the judges. However, I think that the determination of whether or not brisket is properly cooked can only come from tasting it and checking the texture. If a judge is already judging whether the brisket is over/under cooked at the appearance stage of judging the cook is already screwed.

If the cook wishes to present pulled or chopped brisket then perhaps that's because it is a better product when served that way. Won't know until you taste it.

(getting off my soapbox).
ATTENTION TMCMASTER AND ANYONE ELSE THAT JUDGE. Please read this post and memorize it completely, it should be every ones guide and montra for the proper mind set of a CBJ. And one more thing, if the entry has a lot of sauce don't just assume the cook was trying to hide something that statement is got to be one of the most aggravating and common statements made and should be grounds for a CBJs immediate dismissal but thats just me.
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