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Originally Posted by monty3777 View Post
I think judges must do their absolute best to not "guess" why something is presented the way it is..... If a judge is already judging whether the brisket is over/under cooked at the appearance stage of judging the cook is already screwed.

If the cook wishes to present pulled or chopped brisket then perhaps that's because it is a better product when served that way. Won't know until you taste it.

(getting off my soapbox).
I feel that we are supposed to judge each entry "as presented by the cook". For the appearance scoring the judges should only be judging the appearance of the meat, not speculating on why it was presented that way. For myself, a 9 in appearance means that I want to rip that box out of the TC's hands & dig right in. I grade down from there.
On everything but ribs you can turn in chopped, pulled, sliced - whatever you feel is your best shot. I'm going to judge you on what is in the box, not what I wish was there. Then again, I'm kinda strange that way. YMMV
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