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I've never been a part of any forums until this one. I've snooped around for information here and there in other topics that interested me more, but this one was SOOOOO welcoming. There was so much positive energy that it made me feel good. I could see sometimes mediocre pictures and people always finding positive things to say and pointing out constructively how to make improvements. I never, at least that I can remember, saw anyone providing any nastiness that I saw in other forums. Credit the mods for that, and the politeness of those here. In any case, it certainly put my guard down and I actually began posting instead of lurking for many months.

One thing that I soon had to realize was to leave the sarcasm at home! There is no sarcasm button and people can too easily misinterpret your thoughts and intentions. I have seen few "problems" here, but I would say almost all of the ones I have seen have been a result of simple misunderstandings. Certainly I have read posts and thought "this person did not realize how this might be taken when it was posted," and many times I have deleted what I was going to write, or ended up holding my breath hoping that what I said wasn't taken the wrong way. Unless it is really over the top, sarcasm can be difficult to convey in forum posts and few people have no insecurities. This can be a deadly combination. Thanks Phil and mods for all the work you do.
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