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Originally Posted by tmcmaster View Post
As a newly (like in the last 2 hours) minted CBJ, I have a few questions that I didn't think were answered by our instructor... maybe someone form the group can help a newb out...

1 - When judging appearence, how much does.should garnish or lack of weigh in your score? Does it or could it be looked up as a 'marked box' if no garnish is there? KCBS does not require garnish, so no, it wouldn't be a marked box if no garnish. If the use of garnish makes the meat look more appealing, judge appropriately. Same as if it's sloppy or haphazard. Remember though, it's a meat contest, not a greens contest!

2 - Does the texture of the brisket change so dramatically if it is pulled/chopped that it could create an illusion of properly cooked beef, if it is overcooked?
It could. Overcooked brisket will likely be dried out, and also may not hold together. Your class intructor probably made mention of a pull test. Also, remember, the classes all recommend pencil thickness, but it isn't' a requirement. If it's sliced thicker, it could mean it's overcooked and the team is trying to keep it from falling apart, or it could just be a thick slice. Let your tastebuds tell you. Same with undercooked, If it's paper thin, it might be because it's undercooked

3 - Would there ever be an instance where there were only 5 judges at a table?

Yes, sometimes. There needs to be 1 judge per team cooking, so sometimes a table will have fewer than 6 judges

I will post others if anyone is so kind as to answer these for a newb.

Just a personal opinion, but, to be a better judge, see if you can talk a local team in your area to let you cook with them. Send a weekend seeing what they do, what they go through, and learn what all has to be done by cooks. It will bring you a better level of understanding the whole process.

Have fun judging!
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