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Default MOINK Submission

Humbly submitted for you MOINK approval:

The rules:


After careful consideration by the Governing Board of IMBAS the following rule change as been adopted, effective immediately.

1. MOINK Balls will be made with ALL BEEF meatballs, wrapped in PORK bacon.
2. MOINK Balls must be cooked out of doors using a wood or charcoal fire.
3. The use of the term MOINK Balls requires the proper capitalization. Failure to capitalize MOINK Ball will result in your application being denied.
Please note, in HONOR of SmokinAussie, I included a photo of my vegemite (as I lived in OZ for two years) but I do NOT submit these MOINKS with Vegemite as the official ruling of that additive seems to be in question.

Cooked on the FE1000PC with 100% mini-logs

Setting the sauce:

A pile of MOINKS:

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