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Originally Posted by regionalceleb View Post
Once lit how often if any do you add more 'coal to the lit ones? ie: first thing I tried was ribs with indirect since Im good cooking them on the 'pane. but I kept thinking the temp wasnt hot enough after 45 mins of 'low and slow'
Hopefully you have the hinged cooking grate on your OTS. If you do, adding coals is no big deal. If you don't, I recommend you invest in one. I don't usually use the kettles for low and slow, but if I were, I would have an oven thermo sitting on the cooking grate so I could see what kind of temps I have, or better yet a probe for a digital thermo stuck through a potato sitting on the grate. Hard to know when to add coal if you don't know what the temp is. Once you know temps, add a little when temps start to drop, using 225 - 250 as a desired temp (YMMV)

Originally Posted by regionalceleb View Post
Second and last to keep it short, best foods to learn with 'coal other than burgers and dogs? I can get down on the 'pane with quiet a bit but the 'coal has me nervous about ruining dinner....
Try indirect cooking a spatchcocked chicken, or a dozen thighs. I used to indirect cook any manner of beef roast on my kettles, try that. (A sirloin tip cooked to an internal temp of 125 - 130 and then thinly sliced makes heavenly sammies.) Meatloaf, fatties, whatever your imagination can come up with.
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