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Originally Posted by Rowdycue View Post
Thanks, Monty and Mark. I haven't decided what to mix with the beef broth for the injection. Would white wine work? I know the alcohol will help tenderize. I also wondered if I should put some rub in the injection mix.
Well, here's where I come off sounding like a know it all - but I think trying to tenderize brisket is a huge mistake. The only way to get a tender brisket IMO is to cook it correctly. Nothing else will make a difference more than getting that part right. The internal temp needs to be 200 or maybe a little higher. If you over-ride your brain you will cook it for as long as it actually needs (the little voice in your head will tell you to take it off before it's done - trust me!). I used to pull them around 185 thinking that I was overcooking them - that was my mistake and it caused me some embarrassment.

If you think white wine will enhance the FLAVOR - then by all means. I typically use an overdose of beef bouillon - two cubes per one cup of water. Then I may add some beef au jus paste, or whatever.

A good mop:
1 beer
1/2 cup cider vinegar
half an onion diced
2-4 cloves of garlic minced
1 T. rub of your choice
1/2 cup water
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