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Default To water pan or not


As most of you know I just got my Bandera and am in the process of putting it together as well as doing the mods now while she is still a virgin.

I have been looking over the instructions for the unit (going to start putting it together tonight) and I see the waterpan. Assuming this is included in my box of good goodness, do you guys actually use it for water and other liquids?

I know I have read tons of reponses on other forums regarding the use of water, and the absence of a waterpan. It seems like it is a 50/50 split from what I have read. Some folks say that the evaporation of water in the air creates a barrier on the meat in which the smoke does not penetrate as well if there was no water vapor in the air.

Do you use your waterpan?

If so, what do you put in the pan? Water, apple juice, red wine (for beef)...

Have any of you done a test cooking meat with a pan and without?

I am curous to see what you folks have to say about it.

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