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Default Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures Chart


  • Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures Chart
    • 140F (60C) for all foods that will be held hot prior to service. 145F (63C) for 15 seconds for fish; seafood; veal; lamb; mutton; pork; pork roasts and cured pork (e.g. ham); raw shell eggs for immediate service; and any fish and meat not specifically mentioned below.
    • 155F (68C) for 15 seconds for ground beef, ratites (e.g. ostrich, emu); injected meats; ground fish or ground meat (e.g. pork, beef); raw eggs not prepared for immediate service; and inspected game animals.
    • 165F (74C) for 15 seconds for poultry; wild game; stuffed fish; stuffed meat; stuffed pasta; stuffed poultry; stuffed ratites (ostrich or emu); stuffing containing fish, meat, poultry or ratites. Also, any dishes containing previously cooked foods.
    • 165F (74C) for all raw animal foods cooked in a microwave. The food should be rotated or stirred at least midway through cooking process, covered to retain moisture, and allowed to stand covered for two minutes following cooking to allow for post cooking heat to rise.
    • Whole beef roasts, pork roasts and ham are safely cooked after reaching the minimum internal temperature for the prescribed amount of time as follows:
      • 130F (54C) for 121 minutes
      • 132F (56C) for 77 minutes
      • 134F (57C) for 47 minutes
      • 136F (58C) for 23 minutes
      • 138F (59C) for 19 minutes
      • 140F (60C) for 12 minutes
      • 142F (61C) for 8 minutes
      • 144F (62C) for 5 minutes
      • 145F (63C) for 3 minutes
  • For example, if the menu item contains pork, you would know to cook the item to a minimum internal cooking temperature of 145F (63C) for 15 seconds. If the menu item contains previously cooked food, the item should be cooked to 165F (74C). If the menu item is stuffed pasta, then the item should be cooked to 165F (74C) for 15 seconds.
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