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Default Cookin' up a "Costco Tri-Tip" for dinner... YUM! (and there's PR0N!)

The "Morton's of Omaha" brand marinated tri-tip ("steakhouse" variety) is farkin' out of this world. Cook it at 300, pull it at 155 or so, let it rest, and it's like CANDY. Absolutely melts in your mouth!

So, I'm cooking one right now on my hand-me-down MECO charcoal grill. This is the first tri-tip (or anything other than chicken thighs and MOINK balls, actually) that I've cooked on a charcoal grill. I'm offset cooking it with a combination of lump and Kingsford Comp left over from the last two smokes I did, along with a couple lumps of manzanita for some smoky flavor.

One probe in the meat and the other sitting on the grate measuring air temp.

Nice, blue smoke...

It's crusin' along at 300-320, just where I want it!

I'll get some shots of it when I slice it. This tri-tip actually tastes much better when well done rather than medium rare or even medium. I usually eat steak medium rare, so it was quite a shock when I realized how much more I like this stuff when it's well done (at least medium well, actually).

Prolly gonna take some over to my grandparents. Last time I took them some of this tri-tip, they nibbled on it for three days and couldn't thank me enough! They've been depriving themselves of good food lately... it's really sad. They're turning into cheapskates in their old age. ;-)

Anyway, I'll be back in a little while with some juicy pr0n.

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