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It was good that Greg and I started the judge thing this year.

I'm not sure if other judges/competitors (like Jim M) like the new system, but since it is the only one Greg and I know, it seems fair. Start at a mid point, and award better, and detract from lesser to score, rather than everything be 9 and detract only the bad points. This new system seems to award a superior product, where as if you started at 9 with a good product, but couldnt find alot wrong with it, you would end up with an 8. In the new system, a good product would be a 6, maybe a 7, but the "great" product would be an 8 or 9 being excellent.

So I like the new system just from a theoretical standpoint, even though I only have applied it in a "mock" situation at class.

Just as info, Greg and I were instructed by Mike and Theresa Lake who run the Illinois Championship (and something in Iowa) and the Butt to Butt competition you read in this months BullSheet.

Second sidebar: any Brethren who are or are Not considering competing, I would strongly suggest taking a judging class.

Not only can you see how its done if you chose to compete to see what they are looking for, you can also be a judge for future contests, or even just play around at home and rate your own Q's. Many a time have I found myself deducting points on a butt for tenderness or awarding myself for taste. Only thing I skip is appearance, since I eat it right off the grate :)

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