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Default Paul Kirk's Competition Checklist

This is what Paul Kirk brings to a cookoff:

For cooking:
Charcoal Chimney
Weber White Cubes
Blowtorch (for starting fire in really bad weather)
Lump Charcoal
Hardwood Logs, Sticks and Chunks
Heat-Resistant Gloves
Leather Welding Gloves
Long-handled fork spatula, grill spatula
Pots and Pans
Meat Thermometers
Dish mope for mopping food
Plastic Spary Bottles for basting
Brushes for slathering
His taklebox
150 Quart ice chest (with meats for competition wrapped in plastic and put in ice)
Plug in electric lights
Spatulas, spoons, measuring cups & spoons
All the food for competition
Flavor box filled with spices, rubs, seasonings, vinegars, sweetners, etc.
Lettuce, parsley, sauce ot whatever garnish is allowed
Large rolls of plastic wrap and aluminum foil
Paper towels
Ziplock bags
Cloth kitchen towels
4"deep disposable aluminum pans
Sauces, marinades, rubs, etc. carried in big PLASTIC bottles
Cutting boards

For cleanup:
Dishwashing liquid
Bleach (put one capful of bleach into 1 gallon of water to sanitize the cutting boards and your work areas)
Water (Check to see whether water is available at the site before hand)
4"deep disposable aluminum pans
Paper Towels
Kitchen disinfecting wipes
Spray cleaner
Industrial strength spray degreaser
Heavy duty trash bags
Shovel (for taking the ashes and leftover charcoal out of the pit)
Metal ash bucket.

I took this from "Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue" cookbook.
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