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Originally Posted by MTHank View Post
Thanks Grand Poobah for this post… and "THIS SITE"

Maybe I have offended some on here, I don't really know... If I have you have my sincere apology(s) and that may attribute to the replies I get when I asked that “question that has already been discussed” and I get told so by a Brethren member. My fault for not using “search” or “FAQ”… My apology again. Maybe I took these answers to seriously because I see other discuss questions in depth over and over, so I don’t visit this site as often as I used to. I am still interested in the back yard cooking and I will get back to finishing my UDS and try to “search” for my questions “before” I ask! And thanks to all of you who have helped me in the past… Being no expert to “Qing” I won’t be able to help with answers (sorry!), but I really do appreciate the help.
According to Poobah Phil, asking questions that may come up in a search *shouldn't* be looked upon as a bad thing. I personally find it kind of annoying when someone asks a question that was answered very clearly in the previous page of the current thread, but I'd never call him on it. I think what Phil's saying is don't be afraid to ask a question if you can't *quickly* find the answer to it. I've been in forums before where I felt considerable pressure to search and search for an answer before asking a question because more often than not, the answer to the question would be "been there, done that... use the search button ya n00b!" Pretty annoying, and not conducive to free-flowing dialog! I'm definitely with Phil on this one, and appreciate his perspective.

Originally Posted by BBQchef33
As a sidebar, another pet peeve of mine regarding questions being asked by members;
The response "use the search button" to a person asking a question, in my eyes is pure bullchit. With a million posts to search thru, and some of the information being 7 years old, that search can and will pull up so many answers, it's impossible to tell what may or may not apply today. I for one will give a different answer today about a cooking technique that I may have given 3 years ago. My experience, my equipment, my techniques all may have changed. The correct thing to do is offer an answer, and possibly link back to some supporting archived information. But do NOT shoot the person down for asking the question.
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