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Hi. My name is Ryan, and I am a know-it-all asshat. I also over-use "...'s" to end too many of my sentences. For this I am sorry...

With that on the table, we should all be able to step back and laugh at ourselves and realize that Al Gore's interwebs do not revolve around you...

Lemme tell ya a story about why I think this place is so amazing... About 2 months ago I posted a thread about needing some help in Orlando, FL. My dad & I would be traveling from the west coast to FL and I needed a weber kettle and a UDS to display at a trade show there.

In no time at all, I had folks offering up their treasured and well loved cookers to a total stranger (and weirdo) that has only been a member (some might say nusance ) here since October!

That's not all! 1 of them (Paul B) re-scheduled a family get-together so that he could drive from Daytona Beach (70 miles each way) not just to deliver his drum on wednesday evening, but drive back and pick it up on saturday afternoon too!

Then Augie drops everything and takes his kettle for a nice 45 min drive to deliver and then pick it up. Amazing, just amazing.

Even weeks after I thought Guerry had killed the thread, someone would resurrect it and another handfull of people would offer to help!
I had to turn people down! That sucked cuz it meant there was another brethren that I wouldn't get to meet!

I godda tell ya', I've never been a member of any other forum or posted a single word on a site until this one (I assumed everyone else on the internet was at least as big of an ass-clown as I am) And there is no way that there is a better bunch of folks than there is here.

And now we know why! We have an incredible team of mods and Poobahs that care about every single person that drops by. No one here is just another IP address, we all have names, faces, family's and 14,000 friends.

Now, I would like to see more threads from Phil... I feel like us noobs are kinda gettin ripped off, you know, margarita pork butts, Dr. Pepper parties and such... sure, we could all "use the search key" and probably have days worth of reading, but it would be way more fun for everyone to see new adventures!

Oh and BTW - I never would have joined here if it wasn't for swamprb suggesting it. All his fault.
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