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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Derek, because you are new to the MOINK, I will run interference on this one if the IMBAS will allow. This way you will not anger the MOINK-masters.

A true, authentic MOINK Ball (notice the spelling and the upper case) is a prepackaged frozen meatball, wrapped in bacon, and then smoked/grilled until the bacon is at the peak of perfection. Options available are rub/no-rub, and sauced/not-sauced. That is really it.

Anything else is not MOINK. It could be Moink, or moink, of gobble-oink-moo, but only MOINK adhering to these strict guidelines may be referred to as MOINK.

Now, please note an exemption known as the NOSKOS rule was put in place. This rule is only for those member outside of the US in such places where frozen beef meatball are simply non-existent. In those cases, the user are allowed to make their own meatballs from ground meat.
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