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The IMBAS is considering your application for certification.

1. MOINK Balls will be made with ALL BEEF meatballs, wrapped in PORK bacon. Seasonings, sauces and glazes are encouraged but not mandatory. In the past MOINK Balls were only made with pre-made, store bought meatballs. Due to the international appeal of MOINK Balls and the lack of availability, in some localities, of store bought pre-made meatballs, HOMEMADE meatballs will now be acceptable provided the meatballs are made with no other meat other than BEEF. The standard binding agents are approved. Keep in mind the beauty of MOINK Balls is simplicity. Don't get too fancy on the binders/fillers.(This rule change will forever be known as the NOSKOS Rule)

The certification panel is currently in secret deliberation on the Vegemite issue. We are keeping a keen eye on their location. As soon as we see puffs of smoke we will have their answer.
Sweet Blue Smoke = Yes.
Grey Dark Smoke = No...

The best way to reach me is with email:
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