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Now, down to business....

Here is my request for MOINK Ball certification.

I humbly request the invocation of the NOSKOS rule. In Australia, we do not have American style bacon and we do not have precooked frozen meatballs.

In trying to keep this as simple as possible, I present the following ingredients:

1. Cheap Minced Beef, that I had in the freezer.
2. Creole Seasoning, cheap and simple which I got from the only US Foods store in Melbourne. As in the US, your frozen meatballs do have some seasoning, I thought this was the simplest thing to add.
3. An egg for binding.
4. VEGEMITE: Yes an Australian touch, BUT... in the US, you've probably got Yeast Extract of one kind or another in every preprepared food you buy... so I'm just sticking to tradition here!
5. Bread Crumbs... duh!
6. The CHEAPEST toothpicks I could find.
7. My own homemade bacon ( Gotta Love It). You may be unaware that US meat products have been under embargo in Australia for over 10 years. Only about 2 weeks ago, the embargo was lifted, but it's too early to get Oscar Mayer bacon shipped here... I used to get that in Hong Hong when I lived there and it was great... but my bacon is BETTER!!!!!

I made half the MOINK Balls and then realised I forgot to add the VEGEMITE... So here it is going into the second half of the batch:

Here's the Bacon all sliced and ready to go!


And here's the rest, the top 2 rows without Vegemite and the bottom 2 rows WITH Vegemite!

Now onto the Webber Copy!

And then onto a Cast Iron pan to cook evenly after getting some colour up! This was done because I needed to even out the cooking. With A standard MOINK Ball, the meatball is preprepared and already cooked. I was dealing with uncooked meatballs and as such needed to ensure the meatballs were cooked without burning the bacon... things worked out pretty good!

Here's a closeup:

And finally, served, as in the Appetiser throwdown:

These were eaten by wrapping the lettuce around the MOINK Balls and the other ingredients, and then shoving the whole lot into the mouth...

And yes.. you could tell the difference between the ones with Vegemite and the ones without... Vegemite ones, slightly better.

My Daughter and I had fantastic fun making these. I hope my request can be viewed favourably!

Thanks for looking!

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