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Originally Posted by Southern Smoker View Post
I would never use canned beans to serve to my customers. We make our own from scratch and there is no comparsion. I can't see wasting time doctoring up someone else's product. I've made them in dutch ovens on the Lang or you can make them in a crockpot, etc...Why spend all day smokin a pork butt and serve it with a tin of beans! imho

Same goes for chili, would you crack open a can or make your own??

I guess it's a personal each his own,,eh.

Chili is an entire different ball game from beans. Since you are looking to stir the pot, lets shall we? Baked Beans???? Crock Pot????? The word baked in the name should give you the cooking method that should be used to make from scratch? Do you use someone elses recipe? Do you make your own ketchup to make these beans you speak of?

We were also speaking of feeding people in the I believe 500 range, not enough for you and 10 other people in your backyard fresh out of the crockpot. There is a reason Bush's beans are on the shelves all over the world, people love them. If you add more flavor to them, then they will only be better. So as you slave over your crockpot, I will roll a can and dump in a pot with some seasonings, and serve and make about a 1000% mark up.
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