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Default --live action update--

The brisket got to 170 at around 2 hours. I pulled the brisket and the butt and foiled the brisket. I switched the temp probe to the butt and will follow up on the brisket in another two hours.

Brisket at two hours, 170ish internal temp:

The butt in standby mode waiting to get back on the smoker.

Update on the temp chart:

0745: Assembled Grill
0800: 205/65/275
0810: 275/91/340
0840: 282/141/305
0900: 297/156/305
0930: 304/173/315
0950: 309/137/305 (Probe switched to pork butt)
1025: 317/153/310

I plan on foiling the butt at 160ish. Looks like it will hit right around 3h. I'll start probing the brisket around hour 4. More to come.
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