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Originally Posted by backwoods View Post
Ok last night i made up about 40 MOINK balls and a bacon wraped fatty to smoke this afternoon. The plan is to pull the balls when the bacon looks crispy and pull the fatty when it hits about 170. Is this correct? wish me luck because if there is a way to screw this up ill find it.
That's a good plan. I've pull fatties between 165-170*. I don't like to go above 170 as they can get dry.

The hardest part of the MOINKs is getting the bacon cooked. When I wrap, I make sure it is not doubled over or else the inner layer is rubbery. I usually wrap it around and then trim off excess bacon. My family (except for myself) likes bacon crisped. If you use uncooked meatballs, they will still be cooked before the bacon is cooked. I've even partially cooked the bacon before wrapping the balls. This can be done in a microwave, or on the grill. Again, it is unnecessary.

There are many ways to cook the fattie. I typically cook in an aluminum pan or on a sheet of Al-foil with edges turned up to catch the grease or on the grill with a grease pan underneath until about 165. If I cook in a pan then I finish on the grill to try to cook the bacon wrap. You may or may not drain the grease from the pan during the cook. Depending on your temp, it will take you from 1-3 hours to hit temp. You can also do a 3-2-1 method at about 225* Do try to use a remote thermometer. The temps on these can rise very rapidly and if it gets too high it will dry out.That is not a catastrophe, but we're aiming for great results. I'd like to think it is hard to ruin a fattie, but I can imagine a grease fire caused by not having a grease pan underneath would do it!
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