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Default Equipment Considerations

For longer than I've been around this site I've been planning on building a smoker. All along that design has been a single generously sized cooker. With competitions to be considered this seems less than ideal as one would rather not be committed to a single flavoring wood or blend for all catagories.
My initial thinking is that a decent basic setup would be two cookers, one for butts, one for briskets. Butts and briskets would hopefully be wrapped (or very near ready) by the time chicken and ribs needed to go on so you could swap woods and have a cooker for each of those.

Does this two cooker setup sound like a workable system?

With this two cooker system in mind, I've been shopping for affordable, heavy gauge, medium sized pits. Having looked around, this pit
seems like a pretty good deal, if it is, as I am guessing a 20"d x 40" pit (just guessing by the sq inches of cooking area given).
Post subject: Check out this Charbroil/NB model Posted: Jul 15, 2004 - 04:50 PM

Anybody know of a more affordable option in this class of pit?

Note-well aware of the WSM's reliable performance, affordability and track record in competition circles. I'd like to have one someday, but this is not the direction I want to go for this particular project.
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