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Originally Posted by FireChief View Post
Hey all. Yeah, I posted about this stuff a week ago as well and just cut into the bag today. I can also confirm, the pieces in this bag are HUGE!! I've never seen lump like this. I'm running it right now in my Pro Q Excel. It's only been a couple hours so not sure how long it will run. Doesn't seem to be running very hot, but it's pretty breezy out right now so it's affecting my temps.

Despite the warning on the bag, I got almost no sparking and I lit it off with my weed torch. This too may become my fuel of choice going forward. I picked mine up for $14.25 here in El Paso, TX. For 40 lbs. of this stuff it's one hell of a deal.
Update. Ran my offset on Sunday (Charcoaler Duo) doing to chicken breasts and this stuff ran hot! Not sure how many pounds I used, but it was about 2/3 full in the smoker box, sitting on an elevated expanded metal grate at ash pan level. These pieces due to their size take a long time to heat up, but the main chamber got up to 400 before closed down the intake and let it run at about 310-325. Chicken came out great and only took about 1 1/2 hourse to cook. I'll have to play around with this stuff somemore so I don't waste any charcoal.

My next smoke just has to be a hot and fast brisket. I think stuff might be perfect for that. I've used split logs before as they get hot but they die down too quick (at least in my cheap offset) and produce tons of ash. Later.
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