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Great video!
I've built a number of UDS's and baskets and have found that if you cut the expanded metal the other direction (diamond pattern up and down rather than horizontal) it is much easier to form/roll...and if you're building a number of them and get a 4'x8' sheet of expanded metal, you can get 8 pieces 12" in height out of it and I use the charcoal grate for the 18 1/2" Weber rather than the grate for the 22 1/2" Weber...I built my first couple of baskets using the 22 1/2" charcoal grate, but felt it was too wide in diameter wasting fuel and space and always ended up using a piece of expanded metal to block 1/2 of it off.

This was my first basket that I built back in 08 using the charcoal grate for the 22 1/2" Weber...and it shows the expanded metal piece I inserted to make it's capacity smaller
I don't have any pron of my new style baskets with the vertical diamond pattern or the charcoal grate for the 18 1/2" Weber... but will get some up soon.
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