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i always debark as much as i can. While loading the trailer, i loaded with a 12 hour burn in mind, then last minute change wasw a 15+lb packer cut brisket. which can go for 18+ hours. When i got there and unloaded the trailer one look at the amount of wood and i said "oh ****". Had the bottom raqck filled with 16-18 inch Oak logs and huge chungs of cherry and mulberry. Then a small bag of mesquite and hickory. The briskets were going to be cooked over oak and mesquite and the pork over oak and cherry, chicken was getting hickory and cherry. Been on that smoker for 2 years now.. know how it burns and there was no way enuf wood. Made a Home depot run to get some mesquite. Figured 2 things on that. the high BTU output of the mesquite would allow conserving of the oak, so i did the briskets over mostly mesquite and thru in an oak log whenever i had a good coalbed from the mesquite chunks. Also , Plan B but the pork butts into the WSM, that just used a dozen+ chinks of hickory and cherry. Also did the ribs in the second wsm. At the end ogf the weekend, there was a couple logs left and a few chunks.. that mesquite got us thru the night.

I always preheat the wood. The oak and cherry was usually up on top of the firebox, but th mesquite chunks were small enough and commercail stuff so real dry. they ususally just ignite as soon as they hit the fire.

Those sandwichs are my cheese bread things... recipes ins in the resipe section and in a few places on the site.
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