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Default UDS charcoal basket "how I built it" video

Hey everyone-

Using an upside down clamp light on a 55-gallon drum as a tripod for my iPhone 3GS, I recorded the process of building my charcoal basket. Notice I said "how i built it" and not "how-to", because I'm sure there are better ways of doing it. Anyway, here's the link: (480p resolution! Sweet.)

First off, sorry for the low volume level... Gonna have to turn your speakers up a bit to hear what I'm saying.

Some thoughts:

- The last 4" or so of the expanded sheet is difficult to bend when holding it down with your own weight. It was difficult for me, and I weigh 255! Finding a different way to clamp it down would be best, or just use the hammer method all the way around (although it won't come out as smooth unless you're good with a hammer). Using the thinner stuff from Home Depot would be much easier, but may not last as long.

- I think it was easier starting with a 2' square sheet, cutting it into 8" x 24" pieces, and bending the wall of the basket in two halves. Bending by this method with a 48" piece would've been a major pain in the butt.

Other comments are welcome!

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