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Originally Posted by DFLittle
For Spare Ribs! 3 hours in smoke, 2 hours in foil - well sprayed, 1 hour or however long you can wait back on the heat - this is when you add sauce if you like your ribs "wet"

Baby Back Ribs will need a shorter cook time -- maybe 2-2 or 2-1-1 like John said earlier a key to when the ribs are done is when the meat pulls back from the end of the bones about 1/4 inch or so -- another clue is when you try to pick them up the rack breaks in the middle :D

I've been cooking chicken thighs at approximately 1.5-1-1 and it just falls off the bone. The last 1 is approximate since I'm saucing the chicken at that point and letting the sauce "candy up".
DF's got it right on the head, but I wanna through in a caveat.

The first 3 (or the 2 for BB) is the only guessing part. Its really when the meat begins to pull back on the bone a bit (maybe around 1/2"). I've had spares that didnt pull back for a little over 4 hours. Nice fat meaty ones. And I've had bb's that were lean and pulling in a tad under 2 hours.

once wrapped though, the guesstimating is done and I go exactly 2 hours then 1 hour, etc. So once the meat pulls back, start the clock. First number is an approximation.

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