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Default Home from the CT Cookoff

First of all , congrats to Phil and team. Excellent for your first KCBS contest.

From my perspective as Contest Organizer, things went fairly smoothly and I doubt the teams were even aware of the glitches. Mostly I got to just hang out with the teams on Saturday. There were a lot of new teams and it was a lot of fun getting acquainted with them.

The health and fire inspections by town officials were a little tough, but everyone passed. Things were a lot tougher than last year, which caught me and the teams by surprise. Things got a little hairy when two teams hadn't showed up by the time the inspectors were getting ready to leave. They arrived just in time to make it under the wire. No inspection, no compete. I'll have to stress that a bit more next year.

Judges meeting at 11:00 on Sunday - four no-shows. I had two alternates, and Linda and I filled the two other slots. I didn't get to hang out on Sunday.

No bottled water for the judges at 11:30. Panicked call to the Festival Organizer who was supposed to supply it. It showed up about ten minutes later. All is cool with the world.

No disqualifications. Scores still all over the place because of this year's changes to the judges instructions. A lot of new teams got called and took something home.

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