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Originally Posted by AJP View Post
Why are you flipping it over and cutting the bottom out of it? Is it an open top barrel with a lid or what? As far as the hardware your the one that has to eat the food cooked on it. It is discussed somewhere in the last 10 pages but for my safety I used stainless, it cost me less than $10 for all the hardware I needed to build mine.
It is an open top drum. Somewhere way back in this forum I read that some are leaving the origion tops on the drum, flipping it upside down and cutting out the origional bottom of the drum. I flipped mine upside down and checked to see how my weber lid fits and it fits perfect around the outside lip. The top of the drum was way too wide and the weber lid fell right inside the drum. Another bonus to doing it this way is that you can take the bottom out of it periodically for thorough cleaning.
I have seen several discussions related to the hardware topic (i haven't made it to the last 10 pages as I am at page 124). I will probably by stainless.
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