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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by NoviceBBQmovinUp View Post
New to the forum and i am biulding my first UDS this weekend. Quick rundown on my situation

My HOA and the Fire Department said "No way" to the burnout question. HOA also said i will get fined. So i want to get it sandblasted.

Called 8 places to get an idea on what i might pay.

4 places quoted me 40 bucks.
3 places quoted me 50 bucks
1 place quoted me 15 bucks!!!

This seems so low that i am almost skeptical. why is this guy so low. So, my question is to those of you who might know a little bit about sandblasting. If i do take it to this guy is there a way he can jack something up? This just seems to good to be true compared to the other quotes. i think i just need peace of mind from the Brethern
I wish I would have saw this earlier. If you live near the north side of glendale, come on over to my house and burn it out.
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