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Default Releasing Derek's House Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce Recipe!

As the title states I'm actually releasing the recipe to the Brethren forum since a lot of of you has helped me out in the smoking are. And I thought it would be a generous & nice gesture!

Derek's Dr Pepper BBQ Sauce!

Prep time 1 - 2 hours.
Cook Time 5-6 hours ( depending on your stove top and your cooking pot ).
Makes 6 jars.

Ok let's get started making the sauce.

First we will make the tomato sauce.
1.Great Value tomato paste
2.Garlic Powder 2 table spoons
3.Dill weed 2 table spoons
4.2 cans of water ( the great value can will work nicely )
5.2 table spoons of Italian seasoning.
6.2 table spoons of freshly ground black pepper

1.Make the sauce with the water
2.Add the dry ingredients ( taste often & change to suit your needs )
3.Add what ever you need to add it too...

Now set the sauce to the side ( in the fridge is fine )

Ok now where on to the pepper pot.
Prep time 30 to 45 minutes
cook time 45 minutes ( on simmer only & occially stiring )

1.2 BIG White Onions chopped loosely ( add first )
2.2 Red Bell Peppers chopped Loosely ( add first )
3.1 Habenero chopped loosely ( leave everything intact ) ( add first )
4.2 Red Jalapeno peppers, 2 Yellow Jalapeno Peppers, 2 Green Jalapino Peppers loosely chopped ( leave everything intact ) ( add first )
5.1 Garlic bulb ( loosely chopped ) ( add first )
6.1 Dried Chipoltly Pepper ( thrown in whole ) ( add first )
7.Half of a bulb of nut meg ( graded on a micro plane ) ( add first )
8.1 Can of diced tomatoes. ( with juice ) ( Add secondly )
9.The Homemade Tomatoes sauce ( Add Last )
9.1 Small Bottle of Jim Beam ( Add Last )

Let the pepper pot simmer for 45 minutes ( stir every 5- 8 minutes ) till the mixture is a soupy mess.

As soon as the 45 minute buzzer rings You are going to let the pepper pot cool down completely.

Once the pot is cooled we're ready for the final Ingredients, and cooking time.

Ok now that the pepper pot is cooled off we're ready!

Prep Time 15-20 Minutes.

The Dry Ingredients ( Add first )
1.2 & half cups of Dark Brown Sugar.
2.2 Tablespoons Smoked Peperika
3.2 Tablespoons Garlic powder
4 2 Tablespoons Crushed Red Pepper flakes
5.2 Tablespoons Onion powder
6.2 Tablespoons Chili powder

The Wet Ingredients
1.3 Cups Dr Pepper ( I've used Cherry flavor for mine )
2.1 Cup Of Worcestershire Sauce
3.1 & half cup of Balsamic vinegar
4.1 cup of Starch mixed with water

Mix the wet ingredients into the pepper pot and mix well.

Put the pot back on the stove and set the stove on simmer for 5-6 hours. ( stir every so often until thicken )

As soon as it's done thickening to your liking , turn the stove off and get your mesosphere out and amosafy it to your liking.

What it looks like when its done!

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