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Hello all! I've been reading this thread off and on for a week and I am still only to about page 40! There is some great ideas and a wealth of information here! That being said, I am having a hard time making some deciesions for my UDS build.

I bought my reconditioned drum from Consolidated Container in Kansas City Kansas last week. I didn't really pay very close attention to it when I was picking it out because the lighting was dim and they were trying to tell me they are all the same size which is supposed to be UN regulation or something. When I got it home I noticed that the lid was a bit delapadated, nothing serious, just a few dents. I didn't really mind because I was planning on using a weber lid anyway.
The second thing that I discovered was that the diameter of my drum at the top rind was 34 1/2", which is way too wide for my lid to fit. I was going to cut the lip out of the top of the weber and fit it to the top of my drum. This morning I took the kettle part off it's legs and set it inside the drum. I don't think that's going to work because it almost fell right in as well.
Basically I think I am down to 4 options:
1. cut the lip off the drum. I believe the lid would fit without the lip
2. cut out the center of the drum lid and only leave enough material to fit on the drum. The weber lid fits securly on the bottom side of the drum lid.
3. scrap the kettle lid altogether and just use the drum lid
4. look for another drum

What do you guys think I should do??
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