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Reading this now, and not having this info in the PM you sent me, I don't think then my thought is the problem. If its that close then you definately are getting it cooked. I would like to see a no foil cook though. I was going to say the temp could be higher but the juices could be cooling the probe.

I also wonder .... what if you yanked the guru and let the uds settle in on 240 by itself... here is why.... in a normally aspirated fire there is pretty much a uniform flow of air. With a guru, if the fuel supply of arrangement is not particually correct the guru is going to blow on that fire even if there are 4 coals left in an effort to get the temp up... this means..... that moist air will be pushed out as cool air comes in,,,,hold it, nevermind, its wrapped in foil.... i digress. This does not add up. I now believe you have your ribs cooked but it does not add up why they dry in foil for 2/3 of the damn cook.

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Thanks guys, I use the guru probe positioned about 2 inches below the grate in my UDS and always set for 240. Just last weekend I put a normal grill therm in the same spot and it read 240 just like the guru did. I've been cooking this way for about a month now and have had pretty similiar results. the best cook that I've done in the last couple of months was at 240 and completed in 4 hours and spent 2:30 in foil, they were real juicy and moist but pretty much fall off the bone. That's when I started backing my times off. I'll post a picture tonight of a recent cook that I did where they actually turned out great in about 3:15, problem is 8 times out of ten they're turning up dry. My main question is in regards to the dryness of the rib meat. When I get to that point after about 3:15 the tenderness is pretty close to where it needs to be, I can easily probe with a tooth pick, If I pick it up the meat will start to split, and when sliced, I can pretty easily pull the rib meat off the bone, but the darn rib meat is not moist or juicy. Would you guys agree that if I just cook it a little longer that dry meat will all of the sudden convert a bunch of collagen and turn moist? Thanks for all the help. I'm going to try a couple of different methods in the oven tonight and take some picks. I know.. the oven.. It's just a time thing. Smoker this weekend.
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