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Although, I wouldn't be one bit surprised if the mesquite source is from all those piles of poisoned mesquite from clearing land down there in Texas.
The things we tend to focus on amuse me sometimes. For instance, my wife (a safety specialist at MD Anderson here in Houston) has this thing about PCB's in plastic food containers (like the one's microwave meals come in) and worries about the chemicals that leach out of this stuff when you microwave food in it. Anyway, she was discussing this with a cancer doctor a few weeks ago and his comment was (I'm paraphrasing here) "People worry all the time about toxins in food, water, toys you name it etc. but the air we breath everyday contains more toxins than all these combined." I don't know if he meant the air in Houston (which is worse than most thanks to the refineries in Deer Park) but I would agree that in general we tend to focus on red herrings when it comes to what is actually killing us. .02.
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