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No I think the reverse is true and his take on "tenderness" is astray. Here's why. The look of a set of ribs (which we cannot see) cooked at a temp that completes it at 3 hours (2 in foil) is remarkably different than one cooked at even 240 in three hours.

I think you may be right too on the therm beibg off but I bet, and I could be wrong, the grate temp is lower.

My main problem is the three hours total cook time. There is no way its getting done at 240 for three hours. I can say that I CAN cook a set of ribs in three hours if they are small spares (like 3's but under 4s) and they come out pretty damn good with no foil of course.

He says he uses the bend method and we all know that ribs have certain points where they loosen and tighten up.
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