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A little tougher in the current climate to go after straight cash sponsorships. We have Tel-Tru signing on to sponsor us for a second year, they will be providing us with gauges for two of our new WSMs. This is certainly a case of who you know/where you are. I stumbled into their offices last year not even realizing it on a completely unrelated work matter. As I looked around the office and saw posters with BBQ smokers advertising temp gauges it dawned on me, a conversation with their marketing department and the rest is history.

We also have a local t-shirt company sponsoring us, they give us shirts and we put their logo on everything.

We also have a local beverage distributor, they give us the means to get drunk and we put their logo on everything.

We also have a local company that sells grilling and bbq stuff, they provide us with wood chunks, charcoal, etc.

You then have to communicate the benefit to the sponsor. The above companies gt their logos on all our signage and catering events, website and t-shirts. This translates to thousands of views. Local companies benefit because three of the comps we are in are within their immediate market area.

Some calls in competition to point to help as well, the more the sponsor perceives viewership of their logo/product the better. In my emails requesting support again for 2010 it definitely helped to have some Top 10s for them to look at.
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