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Originally Posted by btcg View Post
And if a fire breaks out from the inside, blocking the other exit, what happens?

C'Mon, this is common sense, exactly why it's a code violation, and should be.
You know this guy could be right - what if I myself were to burst into flames.

I remember also another detail that was funny. The firemarshall sat in the back before I had torn out the furniture and he told me all the things I could do to make the trailer more safe. The one joke he made was my laptop charger in fact was on recall. He said after as many fires as he had seen in the last 3 -4 years, LOL, the laptop was the most dangerous thing I had on board.

He was glad to see it gone (i got a new one) when I served up Que at the Ledyard Fair - (to which he approved of my trailer mind you). We had a good laugh...

I could see how humorous it would be, making all these precautions and ending up being killed by my laptop inches away.
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