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Originally Posted by btcg View Post
I don't wish to me rude, or mean, but I don't believe you. Getting a trailer inpected to haul (obtaining a license plate) is quite different than getting a visit from the fire marshall while you're using it. I doubt any professional competition inspector would it allow it to be used.

In a trailer, or any occupied structure, putting any grill in from of an exit is a violation, for obvious reasons.
Now I will be more direct.

You are clueless.

After calling me a liar, and after your statement, to which I assume you read mine as you saw it fit to call me a liar (as I specifically mentioned the Health department forced me to get a fire marshal's approval for the City of New London - approval for them to give me the go ahead) I now KNOW you do not know what you are talking about.

In fact, initially when I called the City of New London the marshal said he didn't care what the trailer had on it because it was an outdoor structure and not attached to a building. I had to insist he come because it would be NEXT to other similar structures at various events which may in fact be next to a building enough to set it on fire. He came.

In addition, the trailer was seen by maybe another 4 marshalls from other counties in that state with no commentary.

There are maybe 16 companies I know of that design a mobile commissary with pits attached and even open grills.

So, your arguments exist in an alternative reality.
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