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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
You obviously do not know what you are talking about.

The people who inspected my trailer did.

The Trailer participated in maybe a total of 15 events. Each one got inspections by firemen (who of course check on electrical and extinguishers).

As far as a fire hazard, LOL lets see... no part of any of the floor surface, edges, beams ever was within any type of flash temp. During a Pizza cook (500 degrees) the right and left metal lined beam support got to about 98 degrees according to my temp probe taped to the side.

The bottom belly of the pit never reaches even what one would consider warm. The firebox hangs OUT front.

The stacks are held in with long metal brackets attached to the outer ceiling wood frame at a space of 4 feet front back left and right (until it contacts with wood) and by isolators (as advised by a friend of mine which was a fireman for 30 years.)

So lets say a fire does break out.... First, the Meat Mama is controlled by a stoker which has some pretty elaborate bells and whistles. This was linked to a computer inside. Power failure?.... temp goes down. If the temp spikes up, a I get a nice wake up call LONG before it does anything.

Finally, remember I got this pit up to 500 degrees. Thats literally TRYINT to make something happen.... I would say the WORST thing that could happen would be a gas explosion and that would have to be from actual sabotage (which admittedly could happen)

There are 12 feet between me and the pit. At an event with police on duty, and maybe 25 drunken centurions manning their pits, that has been inspected by DOT and by firemen who advised me before it was desgned, then afterward to be approved (oddly it had to go through preliminary building inspection for fire hazards at the request of the health department because no one had ever seen something like this in Connecticut) and alarms that warn me of a power failure or pit temp spike, Locks on my gas valves, and finally a 500 degree test that never showed the pit heating up any surface dangerously.... I slept like a baby.
I don't wish to me rude, or mean, but I don't believe you. Getting a trailer inpected to haul (obtaining a license plate) is quite different than getting a visit from the fire marshall while you're using it. I doubt any professional competition inspector would it allow it to be used.

In a trailer, or any occupied structure, putting any grill in from of an exit is a violation, for obvious reasons.
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