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Default Discada Pron....

Working on a article on Plow/Harrow Disc Cooking and, well, needed pron. Only way to get pron, is to cook up some pron!
Well, first I noticed that I'm running out of space. I may need to convince Mrs. Brisket that we need a bigger home as "MY" children are outgrowing their current space. I fired up Q Can II and other than a slight leak around the lid, it puffed away like a Drum should.

I wanted to pay a little tribute to my late Grandfather and use his disc/disco to do the cooking. It's currently my dad's but he's told me it will be mine some day.
I talked to my dad and he gave me some history on the disc. My dad remembers when my great grandfather gave it to my grandfather back when my dad was very young. It's origins go back to Chihuahua Mexico. It was a tool that was used daily to make meals.(no indoor stoves much less gas in the home) It was commonly set upon a 5 gallon steel bucket with a door cut in the bottom and it was fed with a wood fire. The metal on this disc is much closer to cast iron than just steel. It takes very little heat to get it hot and keep it there. I use way more heat with the steel disc that I have. My dad is 60 and says that it's easily close to 100 years old. A true piece of history. He also said it's very likely that it was actually used at some point by my great grandad to plow his fields.

The ingredients. Basic discada. Beef, chicken, turkey, chorizo, weiners, polish sausage, garlic(LOTS), onion (white and long green), radish, japs, yellow squash, BACON!, pepperoni, tomato, cilantro.

Beer is an ingredient. My grandad, dad, have used it, I'm not going to break way, no how!

Let the rising steam heat the torts.

NJOY!! Some salsa de arbol, and Mrs. Brisket's chicken salad and guac! Hot Dang it was good!
Had some discada with eggs for breakfast.............MmMMMMmmMmMMmmmmMMmmm!

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