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Originally Posted by rockyathabaska View Post
Thanks a ton for the input!It means o lot from bros who've been there ,done that
I've only used k for my bbq'in 'till last night.Bought some lump to try in my UDS for some turkey wings. I use apple wood for smoke.The lump didn't stink when I lit it up ;that's good ,smoked the wings with olive oil and weber chicken rub for 3 1\2 hrs.@ 225.
Like everything I've ever cooked on my UDS ,they were fantastic.
I think I'm sold on the Royal Oak lump.
Thanks for the input, from the Olympic City.

18" weber
silver b Genesis
I agree the lump has a smell similar to stubbs. For whatever reason i prefer stubbs, but i was worried that stubbs was on its way to being discontinued and needing to find a new charcoal. I would probably go with RO more often but i dont like how its sparky and how it flakes similar to paper burning. Normally this wouldnt be an issue but with the stoker now the paper flaky ash gets pushed around the drum and it has the potential to stick to my food.
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