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The Trailer cost me $500. I welded and installed considerably more than that in it and it was ready to paint. Nothing I had made before allowed for me to go to an event and make cue BUT also be able to comfortably monitor everything and watch the tube and be hooked up to the internet and stuff in the back PLUS it had a ****ter and a shower.

I Took it to one event once!!!! It is a great feeling to prep all the meals for smokeing, then get it on and smoked started, then shower **** and shave, then goof around the event, swim and what not, then be all fresh for the slicing.

Ahh to get a nap in the heat of the day. WIFE LOVED IT !!!! BECAUSE No mess ever in the kitchen. In fact, she would always say... hey make such and such on that contraption of yours... no smell in the house, no garbage, and only the dishes we ate on.

Of course when I moved two things affected the decision. $1500 to move it, and maybe $2400 to store it for two years until I get my Teacher's Certification. Sure I can now store it at the church but I did not know that then.

One day I will build another and much faster for two reasons. One is Time... as a teacher I will have more time than the 60 hours I wokred at my odl job, second, the kids are older... i built that during the naps of my kids because my wife worked on sundays, plus the weather.... Texas has much milder weather, plus finally I know what I am doing. It was suppose to have a pig smoker that could beb ramped on as well... thats why I designed the ramp system... I could take either the Meat Mama 3000 to an event or my Pig Smoker (275 Oil Tank).

I sure miss it though. My lease is up in December and I plan to move to a house where I coudl store something like this in back.
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