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I agree. I've had really good experiences with Stubb's. I was a bit skeptical at first, since I didn't really like the Cowboy brand lump (same maker). But, I picked up a bag because I always have to try the new charcoal I see.

First thing I also noticed was the smell. Hot and clean with a trace of smoke. Just to check, I fired up a chimney of blue bag K at the same time. It was really clear that Stubb's was superior. So, I picked up 4 more bags. Then I realized, I was going through the stuff slower than the comp K that I had been using. Seemed to burn more efficiently in my drum.

Unfortunately, all the so cal lowes seem to have had a short supply for the past couple of months. I had a supply of 100% natural briquets that I was still burning through, but still missed the stubb's. Great to find it stocked again, and to hear that lowe's is gonna carry it for the year!
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