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Originally Posted by jemezspring View Post
I've used both and think I prefer the briqs. The biggest downside to the briqs is the tar like smell while igniting. Burn time can be great for both but I do have to pack the lump to get a uniform burn. The lump will burn hotter and can spike quickly if you open the lid.

If your neighbors are complaining now they will always complain no matter what you are burning.
Im a briquette guy and i do agree with your statement to an extent. I feel like stubbs cheerleader right now( i have a thread on the first page also) because it burns so CLEAN. I really mean it. I used stubbs for my last 4-5 smokes and was impressed with the little to no odor left behind starting my chimney. I then decided that i didnt want to waste STUBBS to light my chimney since i had a bag of KF blue. IMMEDIATELY i was slapped in the face by smells and smoke that was thick and white. Im going to try to do a double chimney burn so i can prove this.
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