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Looks nice on the surface, but some serious flaws:

1. It's "real" steel. A "real man's" pit is made from thin foreign sheet metal, costs about $300, and requires about $500 worth of Mod's to work right!

2. The trailer is far too short. You need the front area for wood and charcoal. So, where ya gonna put the beer cooler's? Obvious oversight!

3. Needs some more thermometers! I only see 9 (I think). That puppy needs about 50. For the kind of money you are probably paying--it should look like a porcupine!

4. Your custom firebox basket from Big Al is gonna set ya back about 2 grand! But, he needs the work.

OK--no more jokes!

I hope you pull this off and I am allowed to at least touch it some day.

Real question--Any idea what the tongue weight is? The pic makes it look about 80% forward unless the firebox is "some kinda" heavy?

The good thing is--at a cookoff you won't even have to place good. Food Network and all the media will want to interview you and take pics of your cooker!


Just write the man a check and--
Keep us posted.
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