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Originally Posted by Jacked UP BBQ View Post
The HD cannot get involved unless you are feeding the public, in that case they would need to do a full inspection. They have no right to get involved with a KCBS event.

I pre trim when possible and have never had a problem.
Well that may be true but I know of instances where they came by to inspect. Checked temps as well using IR for surface temp. Bottom line is if they want to get involved the organizer can't stop them and the KCBS has no say. And as petty as it is they are the law in that county/state and can shut down the comp if they want. Contest meat inspectors are antoher story and the Rep can be called in to fix a problem.

Keep labels if going to NV, NM for sure. And if there's peoples choice the odds of an HD inspection in other States go up.
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