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Originally Posted by Hugh Jorgan View Post
OMG! No way, Dijon mustard?!, Maple farking syrup?! Phew....
That's a joke right? Had me going for a minute.
Hugh, nice to see you back. Let me fill you in about what has been going on. We respect people here. All of us. The comment that syrup is nasty is not nice. Sure I used to be an arse but those of us who used to talk to others this way have been bought out.

I for one enjoy the $455.67 Royalty check I get from the Brethren every week and I do not want it to stop. Nor am I gonna sit by and let you ruin my chances of the free ticket, hotel and rent a car Phil provides me with when we all of the ones that are "true Brethrens" meet at our time share in Barbados every quarter. Not you, not anyone!

So... stop the nastiness.
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